“Remembering the Korean War”

Scholarship Essay (Book Report) Contest -$10,000 in Total Prizes-

1.        PURPOSE

     Next year, 2020 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean War a.k.a. the 6.25 War (1950-53). Once known in the United States as “The Forgotten War”, it has been commemorated by many as an important historical event in our modern history.

     We feel privileged to encourage second- and third-generation Korean American students to raise their awareness of the modern Korean history; appreciate how Korea has found its current form since overcoming the disastrous war; have a sense of gratitude toward the United Nations, particularly including the soldiers of America, that participated in the war and supported South Korea; and recognize the significance of our history to prepare for the probable future unification of South and North Korea.

     Moreover, we shall not overlook the historical fact that the Korean War caused tens of thousands of prisoners of war to be detained in North Korea and they have not been able to return to their homeland to this day even after nearly 70 years since the ceasefire was declared.

     This essay contest has been planned and prepared with the objective to enlighten our young generation to be more familiar with our Korean modern history.

     We look forward to participation of youth as well as support from their parents and related organizations including Korean schools.

2.        ELIGIBILITY 

a) Any middle school (7~9th Grade), high school (10~12th Grade), and college students from all over the world

b) Any young people under the age of 23 are welcome to take part regardless of their educational background.


Read “THE BELL TOLLS, NO ECHO”, a selected book about the Korean War, in Korean or English, and write a book report.

a)        For the Korean version of “THE BELL TOLLS, NO ECHO”(메아리 없는 종소리), go to our website www.koreanwarpow.com and find”메아리 없는 종소리” and read the PDF files. (If you prefer reading a physical book in Korean, it will be sent to you for $10 upon your order. Write to: Korean War Memorial Society, 680 Wilshire Place Suite 412, Los Angeles, Ca 90005 )

b)        For the English version of “THE BELL TOLLS, NO ECHO”, you may purchase an E-book or a paperback on Amazon.

4.        GUIDELINES

a)        Essay (Book Report) should be typewritten in either Korean or English.

b)        It should be 12 font size and double-spaced, at least three pages but no more than five pages. 

c)         Be sure to fill out the application which you can download from www.koreanwarpow.com when submitting your work.

d)        Submission period: September 1 – October 25, 2019

e)        Submissions will be judged by the respected scholars in history. 

f)         The results of our deliberations will be announced on October 20, 2019


a)  Prizes and Scholarships 

  3 groups 1st place  (1 person) 2nd place  (3 people) 3rd place  (5 people)
Middle school students (7~9th Grade)   $500   $300   $100
High  school students (10~12th Grade)   $700   $500   $300
College students (Under 23 years old)   $1,000   $700   $500

 (Other participants will be classified into middle school, high school, or college category according to their age.)

b)        Certification of Participation will be awarded to all participants.

c)         Selected outstanding works will be included in our book publication.

d)        Award ceremony is to be announced.

           (Expected to be held around the late October 2019.)

6.        SUBMIT TO:  koreanwarpow@gmail.com

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